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Hi. We're Hissy Fit and we're a band from Vancouver Canada. This is our Web site. There's some pictures us! of us around here somewhere. If you want you can listen to some of our songs, or see when we are playing shows. And you can write to us too. We like e-mail. We'll write back too, unless you're some kind of Nazi Goon. We don't like Nazi Goons.

We have a brand new CD!

It's called What to Wear, it has seven really cool songs on it and it is distributed across Canada by Turtle Records. You'll soon hear it spinning at a college radio station near you! Our demo tape, Rude Like Me, stayed on the charts at CiTR for seven consecutive months, so who knows what this CD will bring? We hope for more of the same.

UPDATE: On July 18, we were #46 on the top 50 Canadian College Radio charts! We've also been charting on stations from Frederiction to Waterloo to Edmonton to Vancouver and more. Thanks to the stations and DJs who have been playing What to Wear... and don't forget to call and request it at your local college station.

If you'd like to get yourself a copy of What to Wear or Rude Like Me, communicate with us and we'll see what we can do.

'What to Wear' cover Take a listen!

Some audio clips from What to Wear...

Here are some people who like us!

"You make a sound like a '74 Dodge Charger in various states of tuning and idle speed. You even flood it sometimes... You guys flat out rock, plain and simple."
- Discorder

at the Cambie... "This rollicking li'l tactical unit shells out a basic tuneful punk churn with paint-stripping vocals..."
- Chart Magazine

"Rude Like Me is hard-driving sneering punk rock..."
- Darren Kerr, Drop-D Magazine, November 15, 1996

live photo Live music rules!

Here's a picture of us playing live. We like playing and going to shows. People who don't like live music suck. You don't want to suck, do you? Go see a show. It's good for you.

Better yet, come see one of OUR shows...

  • August 22, The Brickyard, with Facepuller, The Probes, Jet Set, and, from Montreal, Adam to Zoe
  • September 12, The Niagara, with Mother Trucker and Jesse's Girl
  • October 31, The Brickyard, with JP5 and guests... plus a Hallowe'en Costume Contest!

Gisele Stuff about us!

This is Gisele. She likes dogs, sushi and bands that kick ass. But don't piss her off, or she'll write a song about you.

Scott This is Scott. He also likes bands that kick ass. He's really keen on graphics too. It's his day job. We try not to resent him for actually liking his day job.

Rich This is Rich. He's into lizards and biology and stuff.

Terry This is Me. I'm Terry and I like Star Trek, cats and my Mac. Microsoft sucks, so there.

If you want to read us yapping, go check out this interview in Drop-D Magazine.

Email us!

Our address is That's Gisele's address too. Her last name is Grignet -- that's Belgian -- and it's pronounced "grin-yay," for all you yahoos. She'll share what you write with everyone (unless you don't want her to), but if you're some kind of bass-playing or drumming kind of person and feel more comfortable writing to your own kind you can write directly to Rich (he plays bass, but is also adept at hitting things) at the lengthy address of You can't write to Scott anymore because he slacked off on his e-mail account, but he's just a drummer and who wants to talk to drummers anyway? (If you must write to him, send a message to either address and we'll pass it along.)

If you're some kind of weirdo and need to snail-mail us something, you can do that at:

    Hissy Fit, PO Box 3507, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6B 3Y4

Better yet, send us $10 and we'll send you our What to Wear CD, or send $5 for a copy of the Rude Like Me cassette. Postage included!

And, finally, for even more Hissy Fit on the web, check this page out...

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