Some bands were nice enough to send us photos in their promo kits. After trying to flog them on street corners from under our trenchcoats, we realized that data just wants to be free. So here they are. We won't tell you who is which until you see the photo itself. That way you can't just go looking for that musician babe/dude that you're currently stalking... you have to stalk EVERY MUSICIAN IN VANCOUVER! (No, just kidding). Please excuse the slightly grainy quality in some cases; our WebMaster had eye fatigue so serious it crossed platforms (and phylums) and infected his image processing software...

photo number one
photo number two
photo number three
photo number four
photo number five
photo number six
photo number seven
photo number eight
photo number nine
photo number ten

NOTE TO BANDS: if you want your photos added here, before the festival is over, then e-mail one to our WebMaster. He would prefer a JPEG-format image, in size approx. 500 by 400 pixels (or smaller). Other sizes or formats may be accepted, but may also be rendered useless or grotesque by our fatigue-infected K-Mart image processing software.

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