Yes folks, contrary to popular rumour, we were not dead, but were just... sleeping. However, like a certain lizard from the deeps, we were awakened by the right external stimuli - the closing of some popular Vancouver music venues, the hot summer sun, and some damned fine local bands looking for a reason to celebrate.

For a full explanation of our current status, see our latest Press Release for more details.

If you are in a band and think you are cool enough to participate in our madness, then... sorry. The deadline for applications was August 7th! Better luck next year.

As you can tell by our URL, Music Waste is sponsored by the wonderful and stylish DropD magazine. We urge you to check them out, and support your local music scene. Also, our other sponsors are a worthy bunch indeed, and didn't even have to pay us to say that.

For a historical perspective, visit the articles page and browse through the media coverage of Music Wastes gone by, without getting dust on your fingers!

There are 12 venerable venues associated with Music Waste this year, so check them out and remember, tip those waitresses! For a complete and current listing of which bands are playing where (and sometimes, why) check out The Grid, or else the alphabetical Band Listings for descriptions of each band. If you want to know what they look like before you see them (never mistake a band for a waitress or visa versa) they may be in the Photo Gallery.

Disclaimer: Like everything else on this planet (except maybe Republicans) this website is constantly evolving. By the next time you visit this site (no, clicking 'reload' on your browser doesn't count!) things will be bigger and better. Stay posted for:

More Links to band websites
Last minute changes to gig lineups
Any new photos or band descriptions submitted
Links to other Music Wastes, both past and future
Links to my mom's recipe website (no, just kidding)

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