For Immediate Release

Music Waste 1998

September 10, 11 & 12

`News of our Death was not only an exaggeration but a weak media ploy...'


Contrary to (un)popular opinion Music Waste is up and running for 1998.

The past four years saw Music Waste develop from a night of brilliant local (Vancouver) music countering the flagrant `Pop Alternative' Music West Conference to a musician run festival of more than 250 bands, national, international and multicultural, performing against the mighty industry lackeys of our counterparts. The decision to change the time of the festival from Music West's schedule to September was based on respect and pity for the Music West folks' decline into a "Whoever could afford to play" ethnocentric, egocentric west-land. It was apparent that the coffin didn't need our extra nail.

Over the four years that the Music Waste Festival countered the conglomerates and weasels we more than proved the point that the independent artists on the sphere packed more of a punch, economically and artistically, that we dared not mess with Music West giving itself the death-knell. We therefore chose to do the show in September (when industry, sponsor, ballyhoo approaches standstill) and just previous to the Novi-Waste, European Independent Music showcase gearing up for its second run.

Although the 1998 festival will only feature (approximately) 80 artists, bands should still feel free to submit materials to:

Music Waste 98
Box 97
1897 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5N 4A6

or query at or

or fill in (and send) the application form to appear in an upcoming issue of Terminal City Magazine or online at Artists should remember that this is not an exclusive event with regard to status or genre. Criterion is based on "working", "independent", "original", "recording" artists.

The benefit to the artists is that they are set in a position to network with media, industry and club bookers/owners with integrity (a more difficult task than you might imagine) in an environment conducive to professional development. Long term benefits include potential involvement in international Music Waste events in Europe, the USA, New Zealand and wherever the show roams in future years.

The festival is not set up for the benefit of industry tycoons. It is designed solely for the artist and Music Waste will work to develop each artist on the roster. Because we like them. That's why they're on the roster.

So, lock up your chickens folks. No one will know who plays where until we do. Keep tuned for the Novi Waste in Ljubljana, Slovenia around the same time. It's sure to be a holiday hotspot for early college drop-outs. At any and all rates your month of September is shot. Trust us or not, you will be bludgeoned and inevitably wasted before, and while, we tear down the house.

Just try and not take us seriously.


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