Paris Star Fallout

CD Cover The Floor
Independent Cassette

Review by Alphonse Leong

45-second excerpt from "1943" (various formats)

From the opening song's spoken stream-of-consciousness verses, quirky guitar noises, 80's-style pop vocals and a strange chorus ("...Why people commit suicide/'Cause they come from foreign countries/And they don't get out enough"), I can tell that the Floor are trying to be innovative. But are they good?

Well, they've got some intelligent (if a bit surreal) songwriting, aggressive yet explorative guitar playing (easy on the chorus effects, man!) and mildly appealing nihilistic vocals. The musicianship is unspectacular, but I like the Pink Floyd-ish incorporation of arcane sound snippets in the songs. And one notable cut, "Down with Me," strikes me as a reverb-laden, 90's version of "Scarborough Fair"!

This seven-song tape showcases some attempts at stretching the boundaries of the rock format without being overly self-conscious or monotonous. I wouldn't mind hearing more.

Artist Contact Info: 1785 140A St., Surrey, B.C., Canada, V4A 6T9

First published in Drop-D Magazine on July 27, 1997

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