Vol. 1 No. 10
June 7, 1996

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0 to 60 in a Matter of Months
Vancouver's Tone are on a fast roll.
Interview: Tone

Not Quite the Playboy Interview
Aylmer, Quebec's Resident Pop Wizard, Merlin
Interview: Merlin

New Wave Stars not Extinct, Yet
You know the song -- but did you go see the band?
Live Review: Modern English / The Extinct, Richard's on Richards, May 31, 1996

Pretzels 1, Merlin 0
Spectacular performance no match for snack-munching audience.
Live Review: Merlin / Son / Supergarage, Gastown Music Hall, May 30, 1996

CD Reviews

The Wailin' Walker Band
Buzzsaw Boogie

Papa Brittle
Polemic Beat Poetry

Strung Out
Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues

Possum Dixon
Star Maps