Vol. 1 No. 5
May 2, 1996

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Vancouver's Music Magazine.
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Much Ado About Music West
P. Freako takes us on a harried tour of Vancouver's monster music fest.

Waste Not, Miss Out
This weekend's alternative alternative music festival.

Hands Off our Fish, America!
d.b.s. headlines an (accidentally) all-local punk night at the Eye.

Can't Get Much More Rock and Roll Than That!
Share a pint of gold flakes with Vancouver's Noise Therapy.

Therapeutic and Mind-Numbing
Noise Therapy, Nickelback and Jar rawk the spandex and hairspray set.

Ridin' Shotgun with the 'Diggers
Holly McNarland and the Skydiggers heat the Starfish to a nice boil.

In the Band Page Spotlight...