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Dorothy Missing
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The Players

Sara Sara Mitchell - lead vocals, lyricist

A powerful frontwoman with a diverse range, Sara runs the gamut throughout a set. Sara has been writing and singing since the dawn of her ability and finds no issue too mundane to address.

Karen Karen Rauh - lead guitar, keyboards, b.g. vox

Karen is a remarkable player whose articulate approach speaks to the listener. She has often been compared to Jimmy Page with her tasteful playing and catchy riffs. She is also an accomplished pianist, having played for over seventeen years.

Tom Tom Inkinen - bass, flute, b.g. vox

Tom has been the bass man for Dorothy Missing since the beginning. Tom is a solid player with intelligent and well thought-out parts. His expertise with the flute adds an element to Dorothy Missing that sets them apart from many rock bands.

Jon Jon Richmond - drums

Jon is the latest addition to Dorothy Missing. Jon has certainly paid his dues! Along with fifteen years experience playing a variety of styles including rock, jazz, and classical, Jon has travelled the world playing with show bands on cruise ships. Jon is also a qualified high school band teacher but has yet to give up the rock 'n roll dream...

The Story

Sara and Karen began collaborating in 1992. They went on to join Phineas Gage, a local pop/rock unit and then decided in 1994 to start a fresh project starring themselves. Their combined efforts are helping them achieve growing success.

Dorothy Missing, from above In 1994 they were awarded a Canada Factor Grant for the "new talent demo" and never looked back.

In 1996 two of their songs were 3rd and 4th place winners out of over 900 contenders in Vancouver's CDIS Write-On Songwriting Contest.

Three of their songs are currently included in the soundtrack of Vancouver indie film Wak-A-Mole, and, along with engineer, Brent Calkin of MGS Studios, they recently produced their self-titled ten-song debut CD.

Dorothy Missing have played all over Vancouver for the past two and a half years. Some noteworthy appearances were their showcase shows at Music West '96 and '97. They have Net-cast worldwide a number of times, been featured on Daytime television program, CFRO radio, and are planning to be even busier promoting their debut CD.

Dorothy Missing add something positive to the Vancouver music scene and should not be missed!

cover of Dorothy Missing's self-titled CD The Songs

The Sales Pitch

If you would like to purchase Dorothy Missing's self-titled debut CD, they are available now for $15 Canadian (or $11 US) including postage & handling. Please make cheques or money orders payable to Sara Mitchell. The CD is also available at shows and in stores (like HMV Robson) in the Vancouver area.

the band on a seeeeeesaw The Contact Info

email: dmissing@vcn.bc.ca

mail: #159 - 2496 E. Hastings St.
        Vancouver, B.C., Canada
        V5K 1Z1

phone: (604) 254-7009
       or (604) 986-0872

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