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This year Music Waste was faced with the tough decision of actually having to choose a mere 80 + bands from the hundreds of enthusiastic applicants. Over previous years the festival had grown in popularity to the point where, in 1997, 280 bands performed at the event. The reduced number of acts does not imply reduced quality in applicants; au contraire mon frere, the artists seem to get better as time progresses. However, to preserve the sanity of our organizers, the clubs and the bands themselves, we had to 'get real' with the work load and cut down the chaos. As the Music Waste infrastructure grows, so again will the number of artists we are able to present. Thanks to all applicants, successful or not. We hope that we are able to get to those we missed this year in 1999. The following is the current list of the lucky winners of this year's race for stage space. All of these artists are independent, hard working and talented. We like them. That's why they are playing the festival. The genres of music represented in the list run the gamut from Folk and Jazz artistes, butt kicking Hard Core and Rock bands, Techno, Industrial etc. We feel that this is our most diverse line-up to date. Hope you like it. Our apologies to the missing bands...

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Clicking on the 'Link' label next to a band will give a link (in pink or red) to the band website, or e-mail (in green in Netscape, pink otherwise) if they have no website. If they have neither, then I say: come on guys, this is the 90's, for a year or so longer... so get with the program, and get off the glue! (Editor's note: Sorry about that. Our WebMaster is not a technology elitist, he just plays one on the Internet.)

A Month of Sundays Grid
Adam Woodall Grid
Auburn Grid
Automatic Slim Grid
Barbarash Grid
The Beauticians Grid
BeeKeepers Grid Link
Bertram Scott Grid
Big Cookie Hot Funk, Rock, Fusion and etc. performed and produced to a tee. Originally from Calgary, these guys have been a going concern in Canadian clubs for about six years. Tours to support their new album 'Golden Hips' will take them through West Coast USA and the Czech Republic within the next six months. Grid Link
Big Tall Garden Ultra tight 3 piece mixing up Hard Rock, Funk and Acoustic with a flare for intelligent, socially conscious lyrics. The band recently delivered its third release which was produced with GGGarth Richardson of Rage Against The Machine / Red Hot Chili Peppers fame. Grid
Big Yellow Taxi Grid
Bill's Psychotic Mother A tasteful blend of High Tech and Heavy Metal boasting a brand new CD entitled 'Meat To Please You' that blows almost any major release of a similar nature this year. Grid Link
Black Belt Jones Grid
BMX BMX cite such diverse influences as the Beach Boys and Hank Williams. Their debut CD, 'Starliner', displays this diversity and a knack for Classic Rock and edgy Country with an obvious penchant for Neil Young and his ilk. Grid
Bocephus King Grid
Bored of Authority Grid
Broken Record Chamber Self described as free improv for robots, this band presents visions from the dark side in a sometimes ambient, sometimes dub and sometimes entirely different kind of way. Grid
Browning Grid
Close Captioned Radio This popular local quartet create momentous dynamics the likes of Archers of Loaf and Drive Like Jehu. Employing infectious tempo changes and dizzying mood shifts to harvest an emotional field of intensity, they have been intriguing audiences all over town and are fully capable of institionalizing the weak-willed. (The band's new cd 'Slang-X Generator' is now available on Brickyard Records.) Grid
Clover Honey Three gals playing straight up pop that appears to be in the tradition of the Garage and early Pop Punk varieties. Their self titled 4 song cassette EP has been getting play on a number of college radio stations. Grid Link
The Clumsy Lovers Grid
The Cowards Grid
Cozy Bones Grid
Creature from a Faster Planet Rock hard 5 piece band comprised of ex members of Mushroom Trail, Upper Levels and Extortion. Known to write "Songs for the extremist..." Grid Link
Cystem Grid
The Disgusteens Grid
DJ Mark One Grid
Dog Eat Dogma Grid
DSK Grid
Dustbunny Grid
Dyck/Monroe/Baird is an improvising trio made up of some of Vancouver's finest musicians. Grid
The Elastic Livestock Young, earth lovin' musicians from Mission, BC that combine a variety of Roots/Cultural musics with trippy psychedelic sounds and a lot of improvisation. Fans of hand drums take note. Grid
Evan Symons Symons bypasses current trends preferring to take his leads from past Prog rock and some future point and place. Every element of his career is DIY and his unique world and musical views kick the listener at every turn. Grid Link
Feedbag A veritable army of bass guitar indulgence. Not all the tunes feature the three-bassist approach to Metal but the ones that do blaze with Jazz and Funk riffs. Totally tight and techno free Hard Rock. Grid Link
Forecasts Farewell Young, mostly instrumental, 4-piece ambient art-rock band with smooth, sleepy guitar bits backed up by a bit of dub bass, some quiet keyboards and odd live drum beats. Grid
The Fray Grid
FryerTuck Grid
Glenn Garinther Grid
Glimmer Grid
God Awakens Petrified Grid
Gorehounds Grid
Gradient Profile Heavy, processed guitars backed with thunderous mechano drums. This band rides the tide between Metal, Techno and Ambient acid warp. Grid
GreenRoom It's a FUNK EMERGENCY! For a funky time, call GreenRoom, and let the funk be with you. Make my funk the G-Funk. Yeah! Grid
Hip Hop Mechanix Grid
Hissy Fit Grrrl driven punk with buzz-saw guitars and (often) raging vocals not dissimilar to such U.S. bands as Jack Off Jill or 2 1/2 Girls. Their debut ep 'For the Boys' is a must have for fans of the genre. Grid Link
Hounds of Buskerville Butt mobilizing ska that guarantees a full dance floor and a Pork-Pie Hat or two. Grid
Inner Fix Grid
Jen Paches Ms. Paches is an ivory damaging diva playing an eclectic set which can range from Classical meets Weil, to Prog Rock, Cabaret and Hillbilly. Her performances are an emotionally charged, multidisciplined, sight to behold. Grid
Jesse's Girl Ex-Chickenhawk guitarist Dingo kickin' out the rock riffage. JG are featured on the recent compilation from Bridge Burner Records. Grid
Jet Set High volume, hard partying, headbanging, hormone overdosing Rock and Roll fun. Grid
Libeatos Grid
Liplickers Grid
Liquid Amber Sincere dynamic Hard Rock fronted by Singer/Songwriter/Bassist Andrea Hector. Liquid Amber's debut CD, BREED, received media kudos and radio play across the nation. Grid Link
Little Gorphin Annie Formed nearly seven years ago, LGA boasts a catalogue of about 80 songs ranging from Celtic Rock riffs to Groovin' Jazz Fusion. Whatever influences they pull out of their hat they are always dance floor filling high energy Roots Rock. Grid
Macleod 9 Montreal based singer, songwriter, actor, playwright and internationally acclaimed painter. An original acoustic solo set. Grid
Malchicks Grid
Mark Nodwell Quintet This band plays entirely original compositions featuring extended forms interactive improvisations and odd meter groove. Grid
Max n Russ Electronic composer Max Arnason of Low Noise and Technicians of the Sacred, a guy named Russ, digital support, analogue support and a variety of other toys. Grid
Mortal Engine Grid
Mother Trucker Another fine contributor to the Bridge Burner compilation. Hard driving bar chords with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek Metal licks and Rock cliché. Grid
Motorama A multi-faceted co-ed 3-piece, meshing powerful guitar/bass and unique rolling drums with loops and samples. Dynamic vocal changes go from laid back texan-influenced drawls to emotive screams of frustration. Their recording, despite its lofty melodic moments, is consistently as abrasive as the West Hastings alley jamspace they call home. Grid
Pepper Sands Smart, sassy, imaginative Rock music. "By turns whimsical, quizzical, hypnotic and magnetic". Grid Link
Pet Fairies Mostly discordant politi-core with interesting influences from various points on the musical map and a press sheet that suspiciously reveals precious little about their past or future. Grid Link
Quave Spacey and ambient electronic music enhanced with warm vocals and serious lyric all created by one Kym Brown. A CD entitled 'Zoomfly' will be hitting the shelves in short order. Grid
Quonset Grid
Radiogram Grid
Raft of Medusa Aggressive Hard Rock with grooves poking out of every corner. The addition of clay flutes and other wind instruments adds another interesting dimension to an already quirky new band. Grid Link
Reflector takes a free approach to the art of improvising and composing. The members use a small outline of harmonic and melodic material as a platform to explore anything they want, together as unit. No setlists or premeditated thought are used, just sound created and delivered at the moment. Grid
Revulva Grid
Rich Hope Grid
Roach "We like to call the stuff we do 'CROMAGNON POP!' We presently are using guitars, bass and A big honkin' Djembe drum, and a crash cymbal that our drummer smacks with hands in our lineup! It's also describeable as quirky pop stuff, and we're on the rockin' rod label out of Saskatoon, Sask." Grid Link
Royal Grand Prix Grid
the Rubber Maids (now known as 'Stuck Up Marys') A female Folk duo with socially aware lyrics and clear, strong vocals backed by gentle and intriguing guitar arrangements. Grid Link
Satina Saturnina We've seen this Wellington, New Zealand band described as: "Warped Cabaret Art Punk Balladery from the Weird End of the Windy City." and "An Island of Strange Soul Music for the Wired and Weird." Their CD, 'Clitoris Goddess', does not belie the description. Grid
Satsuma Grid
Saturnhead Hook laden Lo-Fi with Beatlesque harmonies, janglin' geetars and beauteous keyboards. Their debut album, "Arizona's Thin Mistake" has been raved throughout the country while labels in Japan and Australia are releasing limited edition vinyl of the band. Grid Link
Scale Grid
Sean O'Keefe Grid
Sex in Sweden Rock, hard and humorous. Sex in Sweden have been referred to as "High Octane Stuff" in local newspapers and by gas jockeys everywhere. Grid Link
Shag57 Loud 3-piece dirge. Somber, powerful slowhand Hard Rock. Grid
Shattered Grid
SMAK Jazz, Rock, Rap, Hip-hop high energy Fusion groove. Smak simply rock the house. Their most recent album 'A Higher State of Cluelessness' has become legendary as an example of how a bunch of young Jazz students can reinvent pop music on their own terms. Highly original and a damn good time. Grid
Solarbaby Intelligent lyrics, cover art and song smithery. Solarbaby's debut, 'The Power of Negative Prayer', is among the best Canadian indy releases of 1998. Grid Link
Soressa Gardner Had a tough week? A bad day? Come drown your sorrows in a drink and let us lighten your mood with songs about other peoples bad days... Acoustic guitar, intelligent lyrics, beautiful melodies. Grid Link
Space Kid Melodic Pop with simple, straight-up playing and some exceptionally sweet harmonizing. Grid Link
Special Guests Grid
Speedbore A 3-piece that take music bordering Hard Core and infuse it with a touch of Reggae and Ska. The result has a tendency to inspire even the toughest audience to move. Grid
Splitting Adam Pure pop structures performed with finesse and sincerity. As The Other Press so eloquently put it: "... more hooks than a pirate convention..." Grid Link
Strong Like Tractor Original Tractor Brothers Lewis Tractor and Morrison Tractor replaced some other Tractors with Willy Tractor (ex-Sleeve) and Wilson Tractor (Another Joe). Less than a year ago they released the debut CD of their multi hybrid Hard Rock entitled 'The Savage Sound'. A new EP entitled "What doesn't kill you" will appear on the near horizon. Grid Link
Stuck Up Marys (formerly known as 'the Rubber Maids') see entry for 'the Rubber Maids' Grid
Surface Tension Grid
Swank O'Hara Swings between Beatles melodies and squeaky clean guitars to distorted modern rock techniques. Grid Link
Taste of Joy Grid
Ten Days Late Possibly the best all woman band to come out of the Canadian West Coast since The Dish Rags hit the road nearly twenty years ago. Ten Days Late are seasoned veterans of the stage and recording studio that lay to waste most bands in their ball park. Grid Link
Tendonitis The band's press sheet says it best: "... completely uninterested in verses, choruses and bridges, but rather minor scales, endless time changes, little or no repetitions and a flow that keeps you guessing what's coming next." Grid
Thermos A brand spankin' new and mysterious Vancouver group lead by the inimitable Annie Wilkinson, former bass/vocals for such notable locals as Knock Down Ginger and Zolty Cracker. Grid
Third Eye Tribe Without question one of the most interesting groups performing Dance music in Canada. Jacob Cino writes riffs to Hip-Hop, Jungle, Dub and World Rhythms taking it to the club and street in a way that makes any audience from Folkies to Punks to Ravers lose themselves to the groove. Grid
Threat from Outer Space Bass heavy electronic combining Hip Hop, Hard Rock and Funk. Grid Link
Tiefisher Grid
Tippy Agogo Practitioner of as many kinds of music as there are styles to choose from, Agogo's 'full-on' approach to life and performance can click on anything from a Folk Fest to an H.C. gig and up the other side of World/Dance/Jungle etc. Solo or with a band, it's all space travel. Grid
Tom Harrison Grid
Travis Baker Trio Grid
Treecrusher Fluid chording and vocals reminiscent of the Doughboys, Descendants and a touch of Husker Du. Definitely a pit heater-upper. Grid
Triskellion Grid
Tugboat Clean, open chords are front and centre accented with simple lead guitar, a fully functional rhythm section and expressive vocals relaying storyline lyrics. Grid
Willy Kreuger Grid
WoW The most recent creation of Vancouver staple Doug Deep (aka Doug Milledge). Doug is known throughout a healthy chunk of the World as the guy who toured solo as support act for the Jim Rose Circus Side Show and a number of other projects. WOW is a costumed, co-ed, Pop oriented power house with a Theremin twinkling at the fore. Grid
Zolty After a decade of touring Canada, U.S.A. and Europe with Zolty Cracker, Gilles Zolty is back with a variation on the band name and some special new twists. The new Zolty is at least as intense as the Cracker with a fresh and altered perspective through the eyes and soul of the enigmatic bundle fun known as Gilles. Grid

NOTE TO BANDS: If your band does not have a description here, it means that there was no promo kit in your application, and/or your demo tape was 'simply undescribable', or we just ran out of time. If you want, send a description of your own design to our WebMaster and he will put it in for you. Also, if your band has a website or email link you want adding, you can send that to the WebMaster, along with a small bribe (five colorful words should do it).

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