Music Waste 98

We know how much you have been anticipating the news, so here goes: MUSIC WASTE is up and running. From September 10-12, 1998, Independent Recording Artistes will converge on Vancouver clubs and create a harmonic cacophony that will be felt across the nation and the Western Hemisphere.

Thus far we have received hundreds of applicants and are in the process of selecting 80 of the most appropriate thereof to perform the 5th annual Vancouver festival. Fourteen other Waste Bands will perform the weekend of September 25 in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the 2nd annual Novo Waste, Amnesty International Music Showcase. Still others will perform in January at the 1st official Waste N.Z. on January 21-23 in Wellington, New Zealand.

If that's not enough to perk your mediaite-interest then cease the prozac Bobs and Bettys. This is quite possibly the finest display of international independent musician's unity to rear its head on this sorry sphere since ... well... since... ever. Gawdammit. And we're somewhat proud of the accomplishment.

If you are the least bit curious as to how this all came to be, please send us a brief e-mail and we will arrange for you to get in touch with a live voice for a history and update. Otherwise, expect another flak sheet next week with a list of bands and clubs for the Vancouver shows and a list of artists for the European contingent.

We hope to hear from you soon.


Music Waste!
Media contact:, phone: 736-3977 or phone/fax 254-2672
Band contact: or phone: o-u-waste (689-2783)


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