"Thanks Coach"

CD Cover The Buicks

Review by Greg Gitzel

37-second excerpt from "Another Day" (various formats)

Calgary's Buicks [ed. a band probably famous more for being partially sired by the leader of the Reform Party] have put out a pretty good tape. On "Thanks Coach" this young band of four deliver ten well-written songs with catchy hooks and a guitar-driven sound that one would have to describe as "modern rock." There are some cool ideas floating around adding a little bit of uniqueness to their sound.

The songs on average are good, except one real standout entitled "Another Day." This song grabbed me at first listen, and is a reggae feel verse and then a catchy and powerful wall of guitar chorus song with great vocals.

The audio quality is OK, considering it's only a cassette; maybe soon they'll have a CD. Watch for this band, they definitely have potential.

Artist Contact Info: 8712-136 St., Edmonton, AB, T5R 0B9 Canada

First published in Drop-D Magazine on September 13, 1996

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