Drop-D Magazine

Online Edition -- Vol. 1 No. 1

April 4, 1996

Welcome to the first issue of Drop-D Magazine!
Yeah, it's spartan. But it's a start.
See you next Thursday!

This Week

Presidents Sweep Vancouver Primaries
Chixdiggit close gap, but Fastbacks are left eating dust.

Rant in A-Minor
P. Freako moshes with Anne Murray at the Junos.

Echobelly Looks for TKO
Daniel Ewacha takes on the British Popsters.

Anything But Belly Up
Echobelly and Superdrag impress; For Squirrels for birds.

Moshing and Muffs Diving
Kim Shattuck screams and wails through a cool Starfish show.

CD Reviews
What? No Roadrunner theme?!? The bastards!

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