Vol. 1 No. 18
August 8, 1996

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Isn't That Goth Brooks in the Canucks Jersey?
Cowboy hats to the east, spikey hair to the west.
Live Review: The Cure, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, August 1, 1996

The Garden of Hardcore Sprouts Three Sonic Unyons
What? I can't hear you! What? Table dancers? Sorry, not tonight.
Live Review: Shallow North Dakota / The Kittens / Poledo, The Gate, July 25, 1996

Hip Hip Hoppin' Around
Hip hop legends lead the way for local up-and-comers.
Live Review: Run DMC / Hip Hop Mecanix / Social Deviantz, Richard's on Richards, July 18, 1996

Jewels, Bullets -- and Hernias
It would be like seeing the Tragically Hip in a half-empty Melbourne club...
Live Review: Nickelback / You Am I / 2% Cherry, The Starfish Room, July 28, 1996

Posies Turning Schizophrenic
The Seattle grunge-popsters are having trouble deciding what they are.
Live Review: The Posies / Primitive Radio Gods / Plumtree, The Starfish Room, August 2, 1996

Mosh of the Titans
Hercules wouldn't stand a chance.
Live Review: Pantera / White Zombie / Minority, Pacific Coliseum, July 26, 1996