Vol. 1 No. 20
August 23, 1996

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Where's My Lava Lamp?
Arts and social change festival takes over seaside park.
Live Review: Under the Volcano '96, Cates Park, August 11, 1996

Abducted by a Rocking Horse?
You might get complaints if you sprinkle this cinnamon on your latte...
Interview: Vancouver's Cinnamon

Forbidden Black Market Bitches
It wouldn't be the same without the leather g-string -- or the neck chain.
Live Review: Muscle Bitches / Forbidden Dimension / Black Market Babies, The Starfish Room, July 20, 1996

Alternative Radio? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Alternative Radio!
A good hockey team, on the other hand...
Opinion: Alternative radio in Vancouver.

Soakin' It Up Like a Sponge
Detroit's Sponge wax ecstatic for your reading pleasure.
Interview: Sponge

Two Out of Three are Bad
Out-of-towners are the only band worth seeing.
Live Review: Minority / Punch Drunk / Atomic Boy, Gastown Music Hall, August 16, 1996

Steely-Eyed Art Criminals
Veterans would do to crack the occasional smile.
Live Review: Steely Dan, Nat Bailey Stadium, August 16, 1996

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House of Contention

Jeremy Enigk
Return of the Frog Queen

Steve Mitchell