Vol. 1 No. 24
September 19, 1996

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If You've Got It, Flaunt the Hell Out of It
"Hey, whatcha doin' with them crazy lookin' clippers??"
Live Review: The Mavericks / Junior Brown, Orpheum Theatre, September 11, 1996

And the Goddesses Were Smiling
Sarah McLachlan headlines a strong lineup of strong female voices.
Live Review: Lilith Fair, Nat Bailey Stadium, September 14, 1996

Fanning the Flames of Discontent
Time for another dose of self-destruction. Enjoy!
Live Review: Rage Against the Machine / Girls Against Boys / Stanford Prison Experiment, Plaza of Nations, September 7, 1996

A Wee Sunday Punk Rock Show
"Houston, this is Red Leader. Starfish base is in sight, but we don't see any ground crew."
Live Review: Red Five / The Insipids / Closed Caption Radio, the Starfish Room, September 15, 1996

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