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Short but sweet. All articles, photographs and illustrations appearing in Drop-D Magazine are copyright their respective authors, whether named or not. All sound clips and record covers are copyright their respective makers and/or record companies. All other materials are copyright 1996-1998 Drop-D Digital Publishing Inc.

Use of Text

You may NOT reproduce, in whole or in part, any of the pages from this site on your own site, with the exception of:
  1. photographs, as indicated below
  2. quotes of no more than two or three sentences, provided a link to the original story is provided immediately with the quote as it appears in your site

If you wish to reproduce more than this, please contact the editor.

You are perfectly welcome to link to any pages (not photographs) on this site, however. THIS SITE IS PERMANENT. All of the stories will remain where they are for next forseeable future. (But, if you're paranoid, download the pages you want and keep them to yourself, just in case. If we ever go under, THEN put them on your site... but make sure we really ARE gone, first.)

Use of Photographs

As noted, above, all photographs on the Drop-D site are copyright their respective photographers. What that means is that you may not re-publish them without the photographer's permission. Including on web sites, even your own personal private web sites.

HOWEVER, since we don't have time anymore to respond to every request we receive, here's the deal.

  1. If you are a non-commercial site, then you may use photographs taken by Drop-D photographers, IF YOU FOLLOW THE REST OF THESE STEPS. (Commercial sites -- including "official" sites for major-label bands -- should contact photo@dropd.com to arrange licensing fees.) We cannot grant you permission to use band promo photos, CD covers, or any other image whose copyright is not ours.

  2. Copy the appropriate image(s) to your own site; i.e., don't link to them in our site.

  3. You MUST give credit and a link back to the story from which you took the photos. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! This is what you are giving us in return for using our photos. (See below for more on this.)

  4. The credit and link MUST be in this form: (If you're wondering why we're so specific, it's because a lot of people don't understand the concept of "give us credit and a link," so we have to spell it out exactly.)

  5. Finally, send a message to photo@dropd.com, stating which picture(s) you are using and the URL(s) of the pages you are using them on. (And a thank-you wouldn't hurt, either.)
For example, if you have a KISS fan page, and want to use any photos from our concert review, then you would credit and link the photo like this:

Photo by Rodney Gitzel, from Drop-D Magazine.

If that seems like a pain in the a**, consider the fact that, though Drop-D and its photographs are available free for viewing on the 'Net, it all costs us money (over $400/month, at the moment). To pay for it, we need advertising, and to get advertising, we need traffic.

The more traffic we get, the more likely we will be able to stick around and continue to offer the 'Net a high quality magazine. So, if your site can garner us a little more traffic, maybe that's a fair trade for use of our photos.

We appreciate the fact that many people like the photographs in Drop-D, we really do. And we are usually flattered that people want to use them in their own sites. We are just as disheartened, however, when we find people stealing them without thinking to give any credit...

We appreciate your cooperation, and also welcome any comments you may have (email us at photo@dropd.com).

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