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Vol. 1 No. 39
January 17, 1997

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"Maybe I shouldn't drive under the influence of metaphors."
- Dogbert







Vive les Chats Morts!
Rookies and vets burn up the Pic-abilly Pub.
Live Review: The Deadcats / The Wind Ups, The Pic Pub, January 10, 1997

Return of the (Great) Pumpkins
The Garage is transformed into a pumpkin patch...
Live Review: Smashing Pumpkins / Fountains of Wayne, GM Place, January 8, 1997

Four Virgins, a Baker and the Communist Backlash
Anti-smoking laws may put an end to local quartet!
Interview: John Ounpuu and Ian Jones of Pluto

A Bad Night to be an Eel
Hey, the review's only a month late...
Live Review: the eels / Melt, The Starfish Room, December 6, 1996

CD Reviews

Various Independent Canadian Artists
Truck Songs (Volumes 1 & 2)