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Vol. 1 No. 44
February 21, 1997

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"Heaven is holding out for high scores."
-- Shudder to Think






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Big, Rude and Groovy
Even if you weren't stoned out of your tree, it was still a good time.
Live Review: Big Sugar / Big Rude Jake, The Rage, February 10, 1997

In a New York State of Mind
Ex-Brit is gradually conquering North America.
Interview: Tricky

Friday Night Fever
Fortunately Daniel Lanois doesn't tour with the band...
Live Review: Luscious Jackson / Ten Days Late, The Rage, February 7, 1997

Hey! He Didn't Take His Shirt Off!
Local show starts off great, then starts on a wild wagon ride downhill.
Live Review: Sleeve / DeadHeadMiles / Sir Hedgehog, Starfish Room, February 13, 1997

Aussie Freaks Invade California Shores
High schoolers look to India and Led Zeppelin for their new album.
Interview: Bassist Chris Joannou of Silverchair

CD Reviews

Leslie Alexander
Bird in the House

Blind Melon

You Know, That Guy That Used to Call Himself 'Prince'?