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Vol. 1 No. 45
March 6, 1997

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Sorry we're (quite) late with this one. Issue #46 will follow in a couple days.






Live Music Listings


Really, Honest, I'm a Nice Guy!
They just keep going and going and going...
Live Review: The Pursuit of Happiness / Queazy, Town Pump, February 21, 1997

Drumming Up a Storm
And you thought the Vancouver scene wasn't diverse?!?
Live Review: Veal / Brundlefly / Helen Keller / Third Eye Tribe, Town Pump, February 7, 1997

Discordant Niche Jar'd Open
The band with their own dot.
Interview: Jar.

Sco’ish and Preud o’ I’!
Hey, wasn't that groundskeeper Willie?
Live Review: Real McKenzies / Diesel Candy / Wide Mouth Mason, Town Pump, February 15, 1997

CD Reviews

Brock Davis
The River Runs Fast, The River Runs Deep

Noise Therapy
The Dr. Johnny Fever Remixes