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Vol. 2 No. 1
Issue #50!
April 4, 1997

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We're one year old!!






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Happy Birthday to Us!!
Anyone want to give us the 'bumps'?
News: Drop-D's First Birthday

Something Freaky This Way Came...
Blue Gatorade and yogurt, anyone??
Live Review: The Jim Rose Circus, Graceland, March 15, 1997

Take Us to Your Turntable!
The aliens are back, and they want your ears!
Interview: Coco the Electric Monkey Wizard of Man or Astro-Man?

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
One of the fews bands around with a per-use charge.
Interview: Star 69

How Much Does a Tree Weigh, Anyway?
We're not the only ones celebrating a birthday...
Live Review: Screaming Trees / Citizens Utilities / Jar, The Rage, March 16, 1997

CD Reviews

David Bowie

The Happy Campers
Blood Sweat and Beers

Secret Samadhi

The Timber Kings
She Changed Her Name to Mashuma