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Vol. 2 No. 13
Issue 62

July 5, 1997

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Spearhead Comes Alive
Michael Franti and crew puff la for your pleasure.
Live Review: Spearhead, the Rage, June 11, 1997

Bumpkins for Bumpkins
Torontonians stiff Vancouverites and Haligonians.
Live Review: Treble Charger / Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. / Cool Blue Halo, The Starfish Room, June 21, 1997

Blurring the Line Between Boring and Pathetic
Someday, someday, Blur will want to play a good show here.
Live Review: Blur / That Dog, the Rage, June 19, 1997

Yeah, Oh Yeah!!
A tired, but solid, band whacks us over the head.
Live Review: Spiderbait / JP5 / Jack Tripper, the Starfish Room, June 20, 1997

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