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"Living isn't a simple thing, I know.
No one said it's supposed to be."
- Everclear




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October 24, 1997 ~ Vol. 2 No. 26 ~ Issue 75


Fear of All Things Bleepy-Bleepy
The revenge of the fluorescent green teddy bears!!
Live Review: The Aphex Twin / the Crystal Method / Linoleum, the Rage, September 25, 1997

The Night of the Thunder Stick
Overheard after the show: "You rule." "No, YOU rule." "No, YOOUU rule..."
Live Review: Mike Watt / Mr. Wrong / the Primrods, the Starfish Room, October 11, 1997

Macho, Macho Man...
Johnny, meet Wayne. Wayne, meet Johnny.
Live Review: Faith No More / lowercase, the Rage, October 10, 1997

Flaming Moes in Hotcouver
They just keep going, and going, and going, and...
Live Review: Moe, Richard's on Richards, October 5, 1997

Bass-ic Performance
Veteran trio comes up short.
Live Review: Dave Young Trio, the Web Cafe, October 8, 1997

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The Circus in Flames - Self-Titled

Far Out Box - Taster

Lowell Fulson - Blue Shadows

The Sundays - Static & Silence

Various B.C. Artists - Real B.C. Homegrown Compilation Volume 1

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