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November 17, 1997 ~ Vol. 2 No. 29 ~ Issue 78


Tricks and Treats!
Blammo is certainly the most aptly-named band in town!
Live Review: JP5 / Hissy Fit / Blammo / Trike Wipeout, the Brickyard, October 31, 1997

More Tricks (and More Treats)
What, you didn't get enough Hallowe'en show photos? Ok, here ya go...
Gallery: Blammo / JP5, the Brickyard, October 31, 1997

Shut the @#$!& Up!!
Nothing like having a concert by one of your favourite bands ruined by morons.
Live Review: Spiritualized / Acetone, Richard's on Richards, November 7, 1997

Super Dave to the Rescue!
But even a super hero couldn't make up for these opening bands.
Live Review: Foo Fighters / Talk Show / Treble Charger, UBC Rec Centre, October 29, 1997

A Band on the Way Down?
Live Review: Catherine Wheel, Richard's on Richards, September 30, 1997

Christmas (Lights) in October
Brits and Oregonians collide at the Rage.
Gallery: the Charlatans UK / the Dandy Warhols, the Rage, October 15, 1997

CD Reviews

Ralph Alfonso - Olympia 66

Sherman Spike - Self-Titled

The Tea Party - Transmission

Ultra-Lounge Compilation -- Volume Seven - The Crime Scene

Zolty Cracker - Flush

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