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May 18, 1998 ~ Vol. 3 No. 5 ~ Issue 95


Higgly Piggly in the House!
Thee big N and friends make for a wickedly fun evening.
Live Review: The Evaporators/the Murder City Devils/Head/Thee Pirates, Cambrian Hall, April 24, 1998

"Mis-Quote Me and I'll Kill You!"
And for sure don't call them 'dark brooding musician and bubble-headed vocalist'...
Interview: Doc and Esthero of Esthero, May 1998

Prog You Hard and Long
Would Henry Miller have been a prog rock fan?
Live Review: June of 44/Dianogah/the Boom/Forecasts Farewell, Crosstown Traffic, April 14, 1998

CD Reviews

Chicane - Far From the Maddening Crowds

Dan Clement - Waiting for the Smallest Spark

Denny's New Radio - Swiss Army Friend

DollsHead - Frozen Charlotte

The Hunger - Cinematic Superthug

Lisa Loeb - Firecracker

Local Rabbits - Basic Concept

Presidents of the United States of America - Pure Frosting

Sneaker Pimps - Becoming Remixed

Evan Symons - Transition to a New Dream

Vibrolux - Self-Titled

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