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June 16, 1998 ~ Vol. 3 No. 7 ~ Issue 97


Playin' for Pizza
Halifax duo are a lot less peppy than people think.
Interview: Dave Ulrich of the Inbreds, June 1998

Rock and Roll is Dead?
The Next Big Thing? Hopefully not...
Live Review: Matchbox 20 / Cool for August, Plaza of Nations, May 4, 1998

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! Rock and Roll is NOT Dead!!
If worse comes to worse, there will at least be the Turks.
Live Review: New Bomb Turks / the Spitfires, the Starfish Room, May 17, 1998

The Rock Star is In the House
A kind of off night for both bands.
Live Review: Chixdiggit / Groovy Ghoulies, Starfish Room, May 19, 1998

No Big Whoop!
Summit of three legends a disappointment. Especially from the nose-bleeds.
Live Review: Bob Dylan / Joni Mitchell / Van Morrison, GM Place, May 14, 1998

CD Reviews

Jeff Buckley - Sketches from My Sweetheart the Drunk

Danko Jones - Self-Titled

Firestar - Crescent Moon

James Iha - Let It Come Down

Junkie XL - Saturday Teenage Kick

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Morcheeba - Big Calm

Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine

Swervedriver - 99th Dream

Various Indie Artists - More of Our Stupid Noise '98

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