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Big Gulp was formed in June of 1991 in Calgary, Canada. The trio consists of Clint Butler (drums), bassist Chris Carlson and Ben Sherazi (guitar and vocals).

Interesting band photo Big Gulp's philosophy from the beginning has been one of no-limits music making: no limit to the musical materials used, and no limit to the range and depth of emotion the songs and live show present. Musically, Big Gulp mix genres and styles unapologetically. Ethnic Indian music meets primal African rhythm and punk rock attitude. The result -- ferociously high energy street music, music that cuts to the truth in people.

In February of 1992, Big Gulp attracted the attention of producer/engineer Ron Champagne, best known for his work with bands such as Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains and Social Distortion. Champagne and Big Gulp entered the studio for two weeks of recording sessions. The resulting demo, Hot Asian Caesar, allowed the band to tour the west coast of North America in the summer of 1992.

In September '92 the band relocated to Vancouver B.C. citing a more thriving scene, better geographic location, and the chilling prospect of another winter on the prairie as reasons for the move. The band then returned to the studio in early November to record their independent four song EP, Shine.

'Pit Boss' CD cover In July of '94 Big Gulp began their latest project, an eleven song LP produced by leading industrial light Dave Ogilvie, (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Motley Crüe) and are very proud of the resulting album Pit Boss, released on Big Gulp's own B.G. Phonics label in February '95.

The group has toured in the U.S. four times over the past year and has developed a large following in Vancouver. Over the last two years, Big Gulp have performed with a number of acts which exemplify the diverse range of styles the band has the ability to complement, including Rage Against the Machine, Bad Brains, the Breeders, fIREHOSE, Green Jelly, Cop Shoot Cop, Rocket from the Crypt, Ween and Babes in Toyland.

Big Gulp have just completed shooting their first video; look for it in December. Big Gulp is heading out on another West coast tour in December, so be sure to check your local listings!

Live photo of Ben Sherazi

A few kind quotes...

"Canadian freeze-frame guitar rock: they'll take a moment and make a song out of it, with a gnarly sound that's bigger than life. A tight band, the playing's always on the money, slip-slidin' into your fucked alternative world..."

Alternative Press, June 1994

"Jagged, time-warping diversified tunage... music that will first appeal to a guitar-loving, musician-praising audience before it begins to be accepted by the masses. Wonderfully produced, recorded and performed, this release is truly one of the most impressive CDs I picked up on my recent visit to Vancouver. Attitude, talent and a strong sense of independence."

M.E.A.T. Magazine (Toronto), September-October 1995

Live photo of Chris Carlson "One swallow of Big Gulp will slake your thirst for mega-garage rock. Way heavier than I thought possible from Canada. But is it duty free?"

Jeff Gilbert -- Guitar World, July 1993

"a cross between Black Flag and Jane's Addiction... very colourful, angst-ridden vocalist/guitarist Ben Sherazi has the charisma to carry the three member Big Gulp wherever they may roam. Bassist Chris Carlson adds acrimony, and jazz-studied drummer Clint Butler possesses the delicacy to round out the rough edges... pretty amazing..."

The Press (San Francisco), April 1993

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