1997, the Year in Review

cover of Radiohead's 'Ok Computer' CD By Darren Kerr

Top Eleven Bits of 1997

  1. Radiohead - the album, the videos, the performances... the SHIT!

  2. Random - the Gary Numan Tribute - Moloko, Bis, Jimi Tenor, etc - EXCELLENT

  3. Honky, the Melvins - Both evil incarnate dinner music and major label kiss off.

  4. Guitar Wolf at Graceland - Godzilla-sized rawk 'n roll. One word: POW!!

    Geraldine Fibbers

  5. Geraldine Fibbers at the Starfish Room - The best pure music live set of 1997.

  6. Spearhead - Chocolate Supa Highway and live at the Rage. A thinking head's rap music. Relevant, challenging, flowing, beautiful.

  7. The Saddlesores at the Gate. - "Garbage Truck of Love" had the largest wall of guitar I've heard since witnessing the Gun Club performing "For the Love of Ivy."

  8. Roach, "Favourite Spy" - I couldn't get it outta my head for a week. No shit!

  9. Ween, The Mollusk - Another masterpiece of genre-fucking, courtesy of Dean & Gene.

  10. Music West - Copyright's Tom Anselmi launching spit; Big Head Todd; Ballroom Zombies; and the incredible drunken shuttle bus.

  11. Blue Veil's performance of "Little Drummer Boy" at Drop-D's Christmas benefit. - Stunning.

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First published in Drop-D Magazine on February 28, 1998

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