Audio and Drop-D

Drop-D Magazine currently contains two types of audio files: Sun AU and RealAudio.

NOTE: click here for a list of audio files on the Drop-D site.

Sun AU Files

We use Sun AU files because the format is largely universal and the file sizes are relatively small. If your browser doesn't have a default player, then try

NOTE: As of March 1998, we are removing as many .au files from the site as we can. They were taking up over 100Mb of space, and costing over $100/month to store!! We can't afford that, right now, so for the next while we'll be providing RealAudio files only.


RealAudio files are streamed, meaning that they play as they download. Most of our files are available in RealAudio 1 and RealAudio 2 -- you will be served the appropriate file depending on your modem speed (we have no plans to support RealAudio 3, at least not until an encoder is released that will do all three).

To listen to RealAudio files, you need a copy of the RealAudio player, and it probably came with your browser. If not, or if you want to grab the latest version, check Progressive Networks' web site. The player is available for Windows, the Mac, several varieties of UNIX, and even OS/2.

If you ever have any problems with listening to any audio files in Drop-D, please email us.

Happy listening!

Drop-D Magazine

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