How to Get Reviewed in Drop-D

You have probably already seen examples of reviews of live music and recordings in Drop-D. Wondering how to get your band/record reviewed, too?

Live Shows

Have you a show coming up in the Vancouver area? Contact us (by fax or email, preferably) and give us the following info: We don't make any promises, but if we know about your show, who knows? As a plus, we will add you to our online show listings...

Recorded Stuff

We accept submissions for review. However, we have some priorities in what we cover. If you're not sure if we'll review your stuff, please ask, rather than sending something and being disappointed. We try to review a lot of stuff, but we simply can't review everything.

So, if you want to submit something, then mail (or drop off) TWO copies of the CD (or whatever), as well as a bio and photo, if you have one. Why two? Well, you've probably seen we do a scan and a sample for each review. It makes my life a LOT easier if I don't have to track the CD down after it's gone for review. And if you make my life easier, you're more likely to get reviewed. I.e. send one copy and you reduce your chances...

NOTE: British Columbia bands and musicians MUST send two copies of their release in order to be reviewed.

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