Vol. 1 No. 15
July 12, 1996

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What other magazine would bring you Napalm Death and the Jazz Passengers in the same issue?

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What? No Aliens?
Instead, Independence Day finds the Gate being invaded by cool local bands.
Live Review: The Daisychain / 1000 Stamps / The Papillomas / Space Kid / Pinwheel, the Gate, July 4, 1996

Sound as a Weapon
British grindcore kings bring their anti-music to a sweaty Starfish Room.
Live review: Napalm Death / At the Gates / Grudge, the Starfish, June 25, 1996

Debbie Does the Commodore
Hmmm. Why are there tables on the dance floor? Oh yes: table dancing!!
Live review: the Jazz Passengers with Deborah Harry, the Commodore, June 23, 1996

Daniel's Inferno
A musical descent into heck.
Live review: Econoline Crush / the XMembers / Media Sex God, the Town Pump, July 6, 1996

A Midsummer Night's Punk Show
Oh, come on, Surrey isn't THAT far away!!
Live review: Ten Days Late / the Lams / Reggie / Zero Penance, Surrey Masonic Hall, July 6, 1996

In the Hands of Father Jazz
Legendary New Orleans mentor and gene pool plays a rare Canadian gig.
Live review: Ellis Marsalis Trio / John Hart Trio, Vogue Theatre, June 23, 1996