Vol. 1 No. 16
July 25, 1996

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The Festival Insanity Weekend Issue.

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Critic Kidnapped by Space Aliens!!
Well that explains a few things about P. Freako...
Live Review: Man... or Astro Man? / The Subsonics, The Starfish Room, July 11, 1996

How much punk rock can you take in one day?
Live Review: The Vans Warped Tour '96, Plaza of Nations, July 10, 1996

Crazy Like a Fox... Fest
Canadian music extravaganza a success!
Live Review: Foxfest '96, Plaza of Nations, July 19-21, 1996

Can You Tell the Difference?
KISS is coming to Vancouver!! But they've always kind of been here...
Interview: Benny Doro (aka Paul Stanley) of Black Diamond

Never Mind the Sex Pistols...
Some hyperactive ska/punk/metal/reggae dudes...
Interview: Goldfinger

Dead Men Sing No Songs?
Sure they do. And good ones, at that.
Live Review: Sing Sing Dead Man / Knockdownginger / Spiritual Heroine, Town Pump, July 11, 1996

A Sunday in the Park
A day's sampling of folk wares.
Live Review: Vancouver Folk Festival, Jericho Beach, July 21, 1996

The Resurrection of Gary
Vancouver band is ready to kick the world in the butt.
Interview: Ressurection Mary

DJ's and Then Some
And you thought all DJ's did was change records...
Interview: Manchester DJ's UFG Soundsystem

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Liquid Amber

Criminalz in Action
Hellraiserz Inc.

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