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Review by Daniel Ewacha

39-second excerpt from 9:43 track "Born Slippery" (various formats)

If ever there was a case where the soundtrack was better than the movie, this could be it. Although Trainspotting hasn't been released over here yet, I've read the book, read reviews, and talked to people who have been fortunate enough to see sneak previews of the movie. All have agreed that it is a great movie; the soundtrack, however, is truly a work of art.

Trainspotting, to fill you in, takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the story of Mark "Rents" Renton, his group of loser junkie friends and their adventures. The accompanying music sets the mood for each scene as well as adding its own element of attraction. Each song seems to relate well to the scene it is a part of and pretty much mirrors the film in the overall sense of things, as a good soundtrack should.

Not to give anything away, but for those planning on catching the movie, which I presume is most of you, pay particular attention to the part where Underworld's "Born Slippy," is played. Truly a powerful moment that will leave shivers down your spine.

Other artists featured on the soundtrack include Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Pulp, New Order, Brian Eno, Primal Scream (with the title track), Elastica (the only track on the CD I skipped) -- and Blur, whose song "Sing" was a pleasant surprise, as this is by far the best song they have ever written.

So do yourself a favour and go see the movie. Then do yourself an even bigger one, and go get this soundtrack!

First published in Drop-D Magazine on July 25, 1996

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