Vol. 1 No. 22
September 6, 1996

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Boy, talk about history. The Sex Pistols and KISS in one weekend! We'll have KISS for you next week...

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Win tickets to see Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris, Lisa Loeb, Paula Cole and Michelle McAdorey at Lilith Fair next weekend!


Real Stars Don't Have to Say They're Cool
"There's more underwear on that stage than I have in my drawer!"
Live Review: Tom Jones, Pacific Coliseum, August 30, 1996

"Yeah, We're Old, but We've Got Your Money!!"
Live Review: The Sex Pistols / Goldfinger, Pacific Coliseum, August 31, 1996

Alright! Who Gets to be Ringo?
Sloan has the Beatles' sound down. Now how 'bout those movies?
Interview: Chris Murphy of Sloan

Down at the Church of Ben
This 25-year-old is only just getting going...
Interview: Ben Harper

Livin' in a Rap Fan's Paradise
Coolio and friends strengthen their Vancouver audience.
Live Review: Coolio / Groove Theory, Pacific Coliseum, August 29, 1996

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