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Vol. 1 No. 33
November 29, 1996

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Choice Show Benefits All
Team Dresch, Puncture, Joe Keithley, Mecca Normal...
Live Review: Rock for Choice Benefit, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, November 15, 1996

The Oranj Panther Strikes Again
What, you never thought you'd hear "Baby Elephant Walk" performed at the Starfish?
Live Review: Oranj Symphonette / The Molestics, Starfish Room, November 14, 1996

Mad -- and Memorable
And you thought you'd never see a Yamaha DX100 again?
Live Review: Mad Professor / Black Steele / Ariwa Sound System, Starfish Room, November 16, 1996

Rockin' Like Bunnies
East coast bands invade and sort of conquer.
Live Review: The Inbreds / Local Rabbits / Citreon, Starfish Room, November 9, 1996

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Iron Maiden
Best of the Beast

Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go