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Vol. 1 No. 47
March 15, 1997

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Live Music Listings


The Sweet Smell of Skunk
Bilingual and barefoot, they travelled far across the land...
Live Review: Grim Skunk / Nefro / Minority, The Town Pump, March 6, 1997

And on the Seventh Day, God Said "Screw It, Let's Rawk."
Ian Blurton bleeds for our entertainment.
Live Review: Change of Heart / The Malchiks, The Town Pump, March 2, 1997

Zipped Up to the Nines
Two well-dressed bands put on a damned fine show.
Live Review: Squirrel Nut Zippers / Colourifics, The Gate, February 15, 1997

As the Worm Turns
Marilyn Manson's bassist explains how Dungeons and Dragons will save our youth.
Interview: Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson

Where's Call Return When You Need It?
Late nights and lazy bands tend to make one grumpy...
Live Review: Star 69 / Melt / Hades Day, The Starfish Room, March 1, 1997

CD Reviews

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Tiajuana Crack Whore
Gladyss Patches

Innu Town

Original Soundtrack
Lost Highway