CD Cover No Device
Independent Cassette

Review by Darren Kerr

Michigan's No Device is trying too hard to be slack, weird and lo-fi. The opener "Tractors are Pretty" is fucked -- not a good fuck like Butthole Surfers, Ed Hall, or even the retarded charm of Sockeye, but a lifeless hollow act. Not too many bands can pull off a love song from a man to his tractor, let alone give the tractor a voice and have it wish it was a woman. Neither can No Device.

This CD's not all bad, but even when it's good they milk it to death 'til it becomes bad. "Clean" has a clever distorted vocal bridge and a laid-back feel, but everything else just kinda rushes by with dotted traces of ingenuity.

Artist Contact Info: 1814 Bean Hill Rd., Mikado, MI, U.S.A., 48745,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on April 25, 1997

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