CD Cover Third Eye Tribe
Independent Cassette

Review by Kevin Templeton

The sides of this indie cassette are labeled "Side Hot Rush" and "Side Chill," in kind of a hip-hop/ambient duality thing. Perhaps ironically, I found "Side Hot Rush" to be the cooler of the two sides. Which isn't to say the more relaxed stuff was all that bad.

Jacob Cino, the dread-locked one behind the jungle/dub-themed Third Eye Tribe, is probably best known for his work with Kinnie Starr (who sings on two of Wasabi's tracks), but he won't need to rely on Starr's career to catapult him to greater heights, if this cassette is any indication. Cino's instinct is to let the rhythms flow smoothly and wash naturally under sporadic slow-rap vocals and trippy effects. If this sounds to your liking, and you enjoy the organic hip-hop feel to artists like Spearhead or Kinnie Starr, give Wasabi a try.

Artist Contact Info: c/o Lynda Chinfen, Box 473 - 916 W. Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5Z 1K7, (604) 682-8572

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 1, 1997

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