Ass Seen on TV

CD Cover Gob & Another Joe

Review by Kevin Templeton

In the mood for some all-ages-neo-punk-matinee-gig fun? Well, Gob and Another Joe take you there with Ass Seen on TV, a 17-song split CD featuring the two suburban Vancouver punk bands.

Gob start things off with some straight-ahead melodic punk played enthusiastically and "by the book." It's easy to envision young kids being totally into and inspired by Gob, especially in a live setting; but their simplicity on this record gets a little redundant -- quickly. "The Other Way" and "Something's Wrong" were the only songs to even catch my attention. Gob are neat, but nothing to drop your pants over.

Another Joe aren't that far off from the Gob scheme of things, but, for some reason, their output affected me in a way that Gob's didn't. Running the gamut from Bad Religion to the Doughboys to even traces of metal on "Palm Mute," Another Joe have a distinctive edge to their punk-pop sound and they play with conviction, no less (great bass sound, too). The vocals occasionally sound a little too close to the typical punk accent/drawl thing, but, hey, they're young, give them time.

Artist Contact Info: #386 - 1027 Davie St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6E 4L2

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 28, 1997

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