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CD Cover Harvey Switched
Bugno Records

Review by Darren Kerr

This five-song CD from quintet Harvey Switched starts out really nice with "Supervise," which rides on a Girls Against Boys sleazy kinda vibe with chug chug guitar. "Borderline Insensitive" throws some Tripping Daisy alternative sounds into the soup, along with some great punchy bass. From here, things spiral downward into the basic chords of "Queazy," a blatant dig at the now-defunct Vancouver band (I don't know them, so I can't comment). "Attack of the Candy Stripers" gets a boost from an excellent B-movie organ break, while "Sucker, Sucker" is a sneering attitude song where vocalist Mark Richards sounds like Jarvis Cocker doing a fair Peter Murphy (from the Sky's Gone Out era).

The potential is definitely there, but this CD is all over the place. I hope Harvey Switched can decide what they want to be.

Artist Contact Info: Box #402, 814 Richards St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6B 3A7

First published in Drop-D Magazine on November 22, 1997

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