CD Cover Removal

Review by Darren Kerr

Except for a minimum of radio broadcast babbling, this is a fully instrumental CD. I have no idea what the songs are called, and since there is no track listing, I'm not gonna say, "track 1 is this, track 2 is that." I don't have to, though, because the whole enchilada is pretty damned tasty. Bulbous bass lines power the tight guitar, which goes from pretty jangley chords to heavy metal monster truck at the drop of the soap, while spacey sounds come and go at will.

Happily, unlike most instrumental bands, Removal keep you interested in their precision bashing for the entire album. Power trios will do that to you: there's not much room for wanking or boredom, and this trio makes really good use of musical space.

Don Caballero are tops in this field, but Removal are damned entertaining regardless.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on November 22, 1997

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