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January 25, 1998 ~ Vol. 2 No. 34 ~ Issue 83


Winners By More Than a Nose
Crackers beat out dogs and Shakespeare in CiTR's battle of the bands.
Live Review: CiTR Shindig '97: the Salteens/the Hounds of Buskerville/Verona, the Starfish Room, December 19, 1997

Play Good and Play Hard
Loads of artists come and go, but John Hiatt is here for good.
Live Review: John Hiatt / Sherri Jackson, the Rage, December 6, 1997

Garbage Truck of KISS Love
A herd of locals whoop it up for indie KISS film.
Live Review: the Saddlesores / Jinn / the All-Star KISS Band, the Gate, November 27, 1997

CD Reviews

Bracket - Novelty Forever

By Divine Right - All Hail Discordia

Gowan - Best of...

Alannah Myles - Arival

Bruce Springsteen - In Concert/MTV Plugged

Sublime - Second Hand Smoke

Various Artists - Diana, Princess of Wales -- Tribute

Various Artists - MOM II -- Music for Our Mother Ocean

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