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February 22, 1998 ~ Vol. 2 No. 37 ~ Issue 86


The Junos are Coming! The Junos are Coming!
Where the music industry in Vancouver comes together... to watch TV.
Review: The 1998 Juno Awards Nominations Press Conference, GM Place, February 11, 1998

In the Nix of Time
Not all country music is evil incarnate...
Live Review: Herald Nix / the Corn Sisters / Coal / Chris Houston, the Starfish Room, January 29, 1998

Come on Feel the Bran
Bringing in more cliques than you can shake a stick at.
Live Review: Bran Van 3000, Richard's on Richards, January 30, 1998

Power to the (Indie) Proletariat!
No crack, thanks, we're Canadian.
Live Review: Modest Mouse / Gaze, the Starfish Room, January 31, 1998

Oh No, Joe, Say It Ain't So!
So all your old fans are trite, eh?
Live Review: Joe Jackson, the Vogue Theatre, February 2, 1998

CD Reviews

Autour de Lucie - Immobile

The Crystal Method - Vegas

B.B. King - Deuces Wild

Millencolin - For Monkeys

Moonstone - Collage

Pure Joy - Getz, the Worm

Sleepyhead - Late Night Thinkin'

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