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The Junos Awards are tomorrow at GM Place! You think Our Lady Peace will win anything? Nah...




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March 21, 1998 ~ Vol. 2 No. 41 ~ Issue 90


This Transmission is Coming to You...
Old cars, Arizona thunderstorms and live techno.
Interview: the Crystal Method, March 1998

Vancouver Hip-Hop? Whoa!
Yes, Virginia, there is some hip-hop native to this town.
Live Review: B.C. Reggae and Hip Hop Showcase, the Chameleon, March 11, 1998

CD Reviews

Joe Brooks - Peace

Dead Voices on Air - Shap

Frixion - Welcome to Our World

Jesse's Girl - Guadalupe

Robert Priest - Tongue 'n Groove

Tamara Williamson - Nightmare on Queen Street

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