Igni Natura Renovata Integra

CD Cover I.N.R.I.

Review by Darren Gawle

I.N.R.I. are a heavy metal trio from Victoria, which is normally a recipe for disaster when discs come my way, but due to a healthy relationship that I.N.R.I. have going on between melody and sonic assault, their music rises above the pit of mere hyperactive riff-bashing. Igni Natura Renova Integra ("the whole of nature is renewed by fire") features a surprising ability with guitar hooks, Metallica/Alice in Chains-style harmonizing and suitably dark production. The recording quality is a bit lacking, though, as the mix seems a bit thin, which makes one wonder why they sent the disc all the way to Germany to be mastered.

All well, the packaging is surprisingly good for a heavy band, with the insert featuring some lush, colourful artwork by a number of artists who may or may not also be from Victoria. Ultimately, though I.N.R.I. aren't necessarily my cup of tea, they display a welcome amount of (comparative) sensitivity. "Size" features some guy mumbling about what I assume to be how being stood up can make you feel shitty -- and that's good enough for me.

Artist Contact Info: 935 Caledonia Ave., Victoria, B.C., Canada, V8T 1E7

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 29, 1998

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