Da Last Don

CD Cover Master P
No Limit

Review by Dorothy Parvaz

Blech. More shitty gangster rap. I mean, good rap has killer beats, smart rhymes and (generally, but not always) some sort of socially relevant lyrics. But not today, folks, and not on Da Last Don.

Song after song, you hear Master P's trademark "Uhh" (he sounds like a sick cow), shoved into stories about niggas bustin' caps in each others asses, bitches, money and...well, I guess that's all there is to it. The only witty moment on this double-disc tribute to stupidity comes in "Thug Girl" when Snoop Dogg deadpans "She wanted to take the ring off my finger/ So I slap the bitch up like she was on Jerry Springer." Oh, come on, pop open a 40 of High Life and get with the program, G.

Even if he does hit a groove now and again ("Gangsta B..."), Master P will insult your intelligence every chance he gets. Just check out his ass-kissing "Dear Mr. President." He dedicates the bleeding-heart rant about the brutal conditions in ghetto life to "The realest nigga I know, The President" So Clinton is the realest nigga he knows... hmmmm, wonder if that'll damage his gangsta credibility in the hood.

Guest rappers are pretty much the only thing that make these 30 songs -- which sort of play like the soundtrack to an extended episode of Cops -- listenable. There's Snoop, Silkk Shocker and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony among others. Yeah, yeah, Master P is one heck of a businessman. Just hope he keeps his promise and never, ever raps, or rather, Uhh's, again.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 5, 1998

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