Life Won't Wait

CD Cover Rancid

Review by Dorothy Parvaz

Yeah, Rancid are showing their tattoos all over MTV, and their Epitaph deal is sure to finance some more body art, but so what?

Don't cling to that DIY punk ethic just for the sake of clinging to something. Keep thinking that way and you'll miss out on decent stuff like Life Won't Wait. This is a good disc, plain and simple. Rancid just keep getting better as musicians and songwriters; Tim Armstrong's skills as a storyteller are becoming quite polished, especially on songs about vignettes of life ("Hoover Street") and the perils of courting "Lady Liberty."

The touches of ska, reggae and rockabilly -- think back to punk's heyday with the Clash -- come across as a well-done nod to the classics rather than done-to-death recycled material. A liberal dose of guest accompanying vocals (check out Buju Banton on the title track) and session musicians give each song a unique sound.

The "Intro" says it all -- give that a listen, and you'll know you're in for something good.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 5, 1998

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