The Enemy is Real

CD Cover Tricky Woo
Sonic Unyon

Review by Darren Kerr

What the hell do Sonic Unyon think they're trying to pull? First Danko Jones, now Tricky Woo. That's enough sheer rock energy to power the entire Geriatrics of Rock summer tour that will inevitably be hobbling across the nation!

Young, hungry and willing to get naked, Tricky Woo are so hot that you could fry bacon on their torsos. MuchMusic are probably too scared to air their "Blue Flames" video for fear of sonic overload -- you know, melting tape, HAL-type computer voices screaming "malfunction!!", Rick the Temp lying in a squishy, quivering mass, Denise Donlon rubbing up against singer/guitarist Andrew "Brother Android" Dickson's faux leopard-skin pants.

You have to hand it to th' Unyon. The way they play Monopoly is to bypass Baltic Avenue and go straight to Park Place. Tricky Woo is that good. Raunchy, roadrunner rock and roll with excellent production that doesn't neuter the beast. "Easy," "Riot Time," "Let Us Sing" (where Dickson yells, "Give the girl the microphone" so the girl can sing the chorus of "dy-no-mite!!"), all fire-breathing stomp and sing-alongs. Bands like the Delta 72, New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils and Rocket from the Crypt ain't got nothin' on these Montreal boys.

Stardom is imminent. Resistance is just plain stupid.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 5, 1998

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