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CD Cover Sarah McLachlan

Review by Nolan Webb

38-second excerpt from "Dear God" (various formats)

Rarities collections often fall short of the mark, but Sarah McLachlan has again maintained her reputation for the finest quality in music. This album is an assortment of different versions of past favourites (such as re-mixes of "Into the Fire" and "Possession," as well as a live version of "Drawn to the Rhythm"), complemented by some more obscure tracks. Fans of well-tuned covers will enjoy fabulous versions of Joni Mitchell's "Blue," Billy Holliday's "Gloomy Sunday" and XTC's "Dear God." These songs, many of them B-sides to singles, are all done with that distinctly McLachlan flavour. Also featured is the immensely powerful and popular track, "I Will Remember You," which has helped to boost her climbing success in the international market [ed. and which also is included as a QuickTime video]. The diversity of McLachlan's talent shines through brightly and, reading like a musical autobiography, this album sums up the work of a star that's not soon to fade.

Artist Contact Info: Box 330, 1755 Robson St., Vancouver, B.C., V6G 3B7

First published in Drop-D Magazine on July 4, 1996

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