The Star-Lick Baby 7"

CD Cover Santo
Daisy Records

Review by P. Freako

"Star-Lick Baby" is the song on side one of this 7" piece of green vinyl and, you know, it reminds me of another band, I just can't figure out which one, yet. Structurally, this song doesn't go anywhere. Though it starts out with soft vocals and underlying guitar that apparently starts to build, it's a trap. It actually doesn't build to anything, leaving the song somewhat monotone in structure. It is about a lover blocking out their feelings and the resulting frustration: "By the masochistic side of me you'll be greatly missed, sunset behind me, you've got a social problem." I can relate to that frustration, as it seemed that Santo blocked out something in this song, not letting it fully express itself. Anyway... I'll see you on the flip side.

"Quote of the World" is the song you'll find here. Remember that musical influence that I couldn't quite pin down? This song drove it home like a rusty spike through my shins. SLOAN!! I know, I know, another shmuck comparing songs to other bands. I'm sorry, it's bothersome, but man, from the building guitars to the poppy vocal harmonies with another lingering vocal staggered in the background, this has... that other band written all over it. That said, this song was pretty cool and did peak at points with its light wispy poppiness.

I don't know anything about Santo. We got this 7" in the mail with no letter or bio or anything. I can tell you they're from Victoria. I can tell you that alien deer will like Star-Lick. I can tell you Sloan is a musical influence. I can tell you that this Star-Lick Baby 7" is okay. I can also say I was a little underwhelmed.

Artist Contact Info: Daisy Records, 2610 Cook Street, Victoria, B.C., V8T 3S1,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 2, 1996

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