CD Cover Beverly Klass

Review by Daniel Ewacha

39-second excerpt from "Karmatic Scale" (305 Kb .au file)

I found it quite ironic that when I went to put Beverly Klass' CD-EP back in its case, I had put my Joy Division Unknown Pleasures CD in its place by accident. Ironic in the sense that, at first listen to this remarkable debut from one of Vancouver's best up and coming singer/song-writers, I was finding a huge influence courtesy of Joy Division throughout the three songs on this disc, in particular in "Karmatic Scale."

Lyrically, the songs are very powerful and descriptive, speaking of love and lost emotions amongst a time of soul searching in a very mystical, somewhat gothic way. Musically, the songs are just as powerful with a variety of influences from the above-mentioned Joy Division to the Sinead O'Connor-esque "Temple" and Enya-inspired "Could This Be True;" the latter song prompted my one and only small complaint, that Klass' voice was becoming a wee bit annoying. This was, however, not enough to persuade me from regarding Beverly Klass as a great singer/songwriter, and this CD should be just the beginning of a long and healthy career.

Artist Contact Info: c/o The Control Room, 725 Schoolhouse St., Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, V3J 5R7

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 17, 1996

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